*** Here's some gear ideal for all manner of sunshine sojourns ***

When it comes to classic jackets there’s a few that always make the list — the Baracuta G9, the Gloverall Monty, the Levi’s Trucker Jacket. Don’t get us wrong, these are all ace jackets, but we sometimes feel an important one is neglected… the Valstar A-1.

Designed in 1935 as a civilian-friendly version of the A-1 jackets worn by surly US pilots, the Vastar A-1 is a ridiculously luxurious bomber jacket that’s more suited to sipping coffee in a sun-dappled piazza than gunning down Messerschmitts over enemy lines. Its sharp shape has been copied by such outerwear luminaries as C.P. Company and Esemplare, but to our mind, it’s never really been bettered.

These beauties here have been made especially for us, and as you can probably tell, we’re pretty pleased with them. Not only have we got nylon and cotton versions, but just look at those suede ones. A head turner of neck snapping proportions.

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