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At first glance, Shoes Like Pottery seems like a bit of a weird name for a canvas shoe company. For starters, these things look nothing like pottery. But after a bit of digging, we’ve found out that it maybe makes a bit of sense after all.

It turns out that these shoes are fired in a kiln exactly like, you’ve guessed it, pottery. This unique vulcanizing process (known as ka-ryu in Japanese), makes the soles soft, flexible and durable.

Right, now we’ve cleared that up, let’s take a closer look shall we? Their SLP 01 shoes are essentially ultra-high-end canvas pumps. They’re made in Japan, they’re hand sewn and they smell amazing. They’ve also got a nifty blue logo portraying a ‘legendary Japanese hammer’ known as Uchide no kozuchi, or the Lucky Mallet. Apparently swinging this mallet grants its holder’s wishes.

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