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Saucony (pronounced sock-a-knee) started making shoes on the banks of Saucony Creek in Pennsylvania all the way back in 1898. Originally focussing on the fascinating world of children’s footwear, their story would be pretty dull if it wasn’t for a man named Abraham Hyde. As the owner of A.R Hyde & Sons shoe shop, ol’ Abraham’s first foray into the world of footwear manufacture was his ‘carpet slippers’. Made from carpet offcuts, these slippers were surprisingly popular, and it wasn’t long before he started making shoes with sports in mind. Not content with making running shoes, roller skates, bowling shoes and army boots, A.R Hyde also made the boots worn by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong when they jumped around on the moon.

In 1968 Abraham bought Saucony, which is where things get really interesting. With crisp wedge soles and relatively stripped back looks, their classics like the Jazz and the Shadow have a certain naivety to them rarely seen on modern day trainers. Because of this they don’t just have to be worn with a pair of running shorts, and are just as good with a pair of jeans.