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The year is 1970 – an sharp-eyed Italian sailing fanatic named Paolo Dini escapes the drudgery of everyday life to go on a sailing sojourn in the picturesque zone of Maine.
While there, our protagonist encountered a grand, 18th century clipper adorned with the abstract-yet-powerful inscription: Paul and Shark.

Mr. Dini scrambled back to Italy, and after persuading his dad to let him use his factory, Paul & Shark was born.

Merging luxury aesthetics with seafaring athletics, Paul & Shark was quite unlike anything that had come before it – opulent, but still able to put up with all manner of sea-based stick.

Flash forward to 2022 – Paul & Shark are still doing what they do best: making garb prime for pub pow-wows, as well as taking a dinghy down the Irwell.