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The Military Watch Company are one of the largest manufacturers of military issue watches, supplying not just military units worldwide, but also anti-terrorist squads and even the police (but sadly not Sting). As anyone who’s been in the army (or just seen a film about the army) will know, you don’t want to be duking it out behind enemy lines with any old rubbish — you want tough, hard wearing gear that’s easy to use. The watches from M.W.C. are just that.

These aren’t reissues or reinterpretations, they’re bang up to date timepieces being used right this minute by soldiers around the world — and if they’re good enough for them, then they’re good enough for civvies like us. With large, easy to read faces, tough stainless steel cases and quick-drying N.A.T.O. issue straps, you don’t have to be gunning down Chinooks to know these are top-notch time-tellers.

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