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The story of M.Nii takes place in surfer’s paradise of 50’s Hawaii, or to be more specific, the small coastal town of Mākaha. With crisp sands, glimmering waters and big-waves aplenty, Mākaha attracted surfers the world over to sample its potent swells. But there was a problem… at this time no one was making clothes with surfing in mind, and shorts were ripping left, right and centre. Luckily down the road lived a peg-legged tailor by the name of M.Nii, who for a reasonable fee would repair the tattered shorts. The quick-witted M.Nii quickly realised there was a market for shorts strong enough to contend with the towering waves nearby, and set about making what would quickly be a classic. Made from strong cotton twill, his shorts, nicknamed ‘Mākaha Drowners’ were soon the talk of the beach.

Now made in Los Angeles, their shorts are still some of the toughest swimming shorts you’re likely to find. They also know their way around a t-shirt, and whether you’re surfing waves or just mooching around town, their striped designs are perfect for adding a bit of Hawaiian flavour to the proceedings.

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