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It’s the late 80s, and a bold outdoorsman called Barry Barr has a problem — every time he goes out in his fishing boat, his cap flies off his head and into the deep blue yonder.

Surely there must be a way to keep it firmly stuck to his bonce?

Flash-forward to 1993 and Barry has the answer — taking design cues from Teva sandals, he came up with the ingenious idea of fitting a cap with some head-hugging webbing around the circumference, and thus, the hallowed KAVU Strapcap was born.

These days, KAVU (which stands for Klear Above Visibility Unlimited, in case you were wondering) produce a cornucopia of hard-wearing, laid-back outdoor garb, from short-sleeved shirts to robust hip-backs.

And yeah, those caps are pretty good too…