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Day-dot Oi Polloi die-hards should no doubt remember Guy Cotten from our Tib Street days, but here’s a quick primer for those new to the fold.

In 1964, an intrepid seaman by the name of Guy Cotten was sick to the gills with the stuffy, uncomfortable garb that fishermen were forced to wear at the time. With the help of his wife, Guy tinkered with the classic ‘oilskin’ design, opting instead to craft it out of breathable PVC, rather than the usual tar-coated canvas duck. It quickly caught on round the coast of Brittany, and soon enough, Guy Cotten was supplying his wares all over the show – from the ports of Antwerp to the docks of Liverpool.

Obviously, the chances of you wearing this while on a deep sea trawler are slim, but it’s nice to know next time it’s raining cats, dogs and other various mammals, you’ve got gear that’s up to the task.

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