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The Super Mario Bros are alright if you need a new toilet fitted, but for us, the best brothers around are those master-shirt-makers, the Gitman Bros. They’ve been making button-down shirts for over 70 years now, and for that tailored fit (without the need for an actual tailor) their shirts are hard to beat.

Slightly darted at the sides, Gitman Vintage shirts have a slim fit that adds a proper bit of class to any proceedings, and whether you’re snorting caviar on a speedboat or lurking around the back of the Greggs bins for yesterday’s steak bakes, make you feel like you’re wearing a well-fitting million pound note.

With seven decades worth of top-notch shirts under their belts, it’s fair to say there’s a few gems in the Gitman archives — and that’s where Gitman Vintage comes in. Picking and choosing the best fabrics from their hefty back-catalogue, Gitman Vintage covers all the bases from blue-collared chambray shirts, to seersucker party-pieces.

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