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Elmer is one of those brands that dedicate themselves entirely to perfecting one single item of clothing.

In Elmer’s case, it’s gloves. And boy oh boy do this lot make a pretty convincing pair of talon-toasters.

That praise isn’t unearned either – they’ve got historical kudos to prove it: using techniques they’d pinched off the Native Americans, Elmer was founded in the tail-end of the 19th century by the inhabitants of Gloversville (yep, really) in New York state, a township formed by craftsmen who settled in the area due to the superior quality of deer leather found there.

The brand is now based in Japan, but these doozies are still as heat-hoarding as they were almost 150 years ago (that praise is unearned, we have no idea how heat-hoarding they were back in the day).

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