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Deus Ex Machina (‘god from the machine’) is a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem in a film or a book or something is suddenly and abruptly resolved by an unlikely and often daft occurrence.

It’s also the name of a company from Australia that make all manner of laid-back summer garb.

This lot first set up shop in 2006, selling customised motorbikes to Sydney's many petrol heads. After a while, their HQ became a bit of a cultural hotbed for bikers, skateboarders, surfers and plenty of other adrenaline-seekers, leading the Deus lads to branch out into the wild world of clobber.

Crisp t-shirts… boarding shorts… seriously swish spread collar summer shirtage… if Easy Rider took place in 2019, we can easily see Dennis Hopper clad in this stuff while off his nut on psychoactive substances and riding through the great American nowhere.