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Chairman Of The Cord

The leaves have faded into a crispy auburn hue, the winds are wispy and wild, the children have begun their ritual conker-based humiliations; you guessed it daddio, autumn is well and truly here.

Or, in other words: CORD SEASON IS HERE.

We'll be damned if velveteen isn't the best darn fabric to deal with them pesky, ever-so-hard-to-dress-for autumnal months.

Not only does the wondrous fabric keep you as toasty as a Pot Noodle in a sauna, it bestows certain slickness that can really only be pedantically categorised as 'cowboy-cum-psych rock guitarist-esque'.

Here's a cornucopia of cracking corduroy clobber. See for yourself the transformative power of the cord...

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