Oi Polloi

Worth a Watch: The Meaning of Life

Published: Tue Aug 01 2017

We're not sure we know what the meaning of life is; after all, our universe here at Oi Polloi only really extends to nice cottony-stuff or trainers and whatnot. But other, more adventurous people have tried to grapple with the sheer enormousness of the observable universe, and our place in it.

This is a award-winning short film from American film-maker Don Hertzfeldt, and it's really good. This little gem uses animation spectacle (the film was hand drawn by Hertzfeldt, then individually shot with a 35mm camera) and slapstick humour to grapple with existential themes, almost like if Andrei Tarkovsky directed a Buster Keaton script.

Take a look, it's most certainly worth a watch.