Oi Polloi

Worth a Watch: The Early 70s Horror Trailer

Published: Thu Mar 24 2022

Probably best-described as ‘Stan Brakhage by way of the grindhouse’, The Early 70s Horror Trailer is a seven-minute, sun-kissed, gloriously-deranged collage film that’s well worth your attention.

Made with all the gusto and chutzpah of someone suffering from psychosis while high on opiates, Dario Argento films and pepperoni pizza, this firecracker features a tonne of 70s-era paranoid imagery (bloody-faced women looking unhinged, tripped out effects, gorgeously-grainy 16mm photography), snippets of pilfered Ennio Morricone scores, and odds ‘n’ ends from B-movie trailers from the era, all of which adds up to a real hearty bowl of visual custard.