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The Blog from Oi Polloi presents: by Harry Longstaff •

Samuel Fuller, the Typewriter, the Rifle and the Movie Camera is a mint 55-minute documentary about maverick filmmaker and cigar-toting mad head Samuel Fuller, presented by actor Tim Robins.

For those that don’t know, Mr. Fuller was a director, screenwriter, journalist, novelist and actor who made some of the most-thought provoking, understated B-Movies ever. Despite still being relatively unknown in most mainstream film circles, Fuller’s films, such as Shock Corridor, The Big Red One and White Dog, have gone on to influence a wide variety of filmmakers – from the fellows of the French New Wave to Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese and Jim Jarmusch (all of whom appear in this documentary).

Even if you’re not bothered about the flicks, Fuller’s animated tales of journalistic exploits and wartime horror are reason enough to give it a watch, as is watching Tarantino skulking about Sam’s garage, doing weird impressions and acting like a wacko.

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