Oi Polloi

Worth a Watch: Making of Rushmore

Published: Wed Sep 27 2017


Whenever there is an opportunity to talk about Wes Anderson, it must be seized, like hopping on a departing train, or a possible relationship with your adopted sister. Seeing as though he’s just released the trailer for his latest film, Isle of Dogs, we thought we’d take a look at this little-seen gem.

This two part documentary details the making of Rushmore, Anderson’s second feature, is just as charming, witty and eccentric as the film itself. It's also directed by his brother, Eric Chase Anderson, who illustrated all of the maps, covers, and other packaging of the Criterion Collection editions of Anderson's films, as well as designing all the rooms in the Tenenbaum household.

If you’re interested in the films of Wes Anderson, the various ins-and-outs of making cinema, watching Bill Murray having a hair cut, or if you’re just a fan of wool and corduroy blazers, this here film is worth a watch…