Oi Polloi

Worth a Watch: Drunk Drivers from the 60s

Published: Wed Jul 20 2022

YouTube is a complete cesspit, but every once in a while the algorithm accidentally spews up something decent and proves its salt. This visual coq au vin, entitled Legal Drunk Drivers from the 1960s, is well worth dusting off the fine china for.

The title is a pretty clear indication of what this is about. Filmed on the eve of the introduction of the breathalyser, this potent clip, hoiked from some current affairs show broadcast in 1967, is crammed full of career pissheads waxing lyrical on drink driving, alongside outlandish logic summersaults attempting to justify it.

Needless to say, we don’t condone this extremely selfish behaviour, but it can’t be denied that the rationale of these boozed-up muppets isn’t amusing.