Oi Polloi

Through the Magpie Eye: Weird NSA Posters

Published: Wed Jun 20 2018

Anyone that’s into a bit of dated graphic design should enjoy these old NSA posters that were recently dug up by the good folks over at Fonts in Use.

The majority of these posters were created in the 60s and 70s, originally intended to motivate and remind personnel of the National Security Agency to keep their work discrete.

Apart from looking and sounding like scrapped James Bond film ideas, this collection is pretty fascinating, as each poster paints a vivid picture of an America under threat of encroaching communism and nuclear Armageddon.

These come off as downright nonsensical in this day and age, but in a time wrought with extreme political and national paranoia, stuff like this was fairly commonplace.

If you want to have a ganders at the full collection on Fonts in Use, click here.