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Through The Magpie Eye: Polish Film Posters

Published: Tue Jun 20 2017

There is no real reason for us posting this, but Polish film posters are mint, so we decided to show you a few.

There’s actually a pretty interesting story behind why they’re so bonkers: in communist Poland, film posters weren’t meant to celebrate celebrity and whatnot, they were supposed to celebrate the film itself. Also, they banned U.S promotional products, so there’s that as well.

Needless to say due to these bans and restrictions, Polish poster artists had to use every ounce of their creativity to advertise films in an interesting and "arty" way. The posters ended up being utterly insane, off-their-heads and obviously amazing.

We’ve collected a few of our favourites which include (going off what the posters suggest) Gun-Head Man, Screaming Bowling Pin, Foot-Kisser, Belt-Tooth, and Man Punches Other Man So Hard His Hand Pushes Through His Head, part 2 (part 1 is still a classic)