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Through the Magpie Eye: Old Film Posters

Published: Thu Jan 25 2018

The University of Texas is currently digitising their excellent collection of more than 10,000 coveted old film posters.

If the words ‘old’, ‘film’ and ‘posters’ strung together into one action-packed sentence doesn’t make your blood boil with pure, unadulterated excitement, we don’t know what will. In all seriousness, these are proper mint. There’s a cornucopia from the 60s and 70s and most of them are stone-cold stunners.

As of writing this, they’ve only got round to uploading 4000 of them, but there’s still plenty to be spooled over and enjoyed right now.

After an in-depth rummage, we’ve picked out a few of our favourites.

Not too sure if these two go that well together...

Never seen this one, but it's shot to the tippity-top of my watch list...

You may have noticed this one says "SEE IT FROM THE BEGINNING" which might seem a little daft. But back in the day, cinemas didn't play a film from beginning to end, with a break - they'd have the film running all day, and you could pop in and out when you pleased.

It was until Psycho and Peeping Tom, two films that rely heavily on twists, that people started watching films the way we do now. The more you know, eh?

This film has remarkably little to do with swimming pools...

If you’re craving more, have a look at the full gallery here.