Oi Polloi

Through the Magpie Eye: Assorted Specialized Imagery

Published: Tue Jun 21 2022

Just when you were saying to yourself how bored you are, your good friends at Oi Polloi burst through the drywall with yet another slew of high-class images harvested from the internet to help you waste a few minutes of the working day – this time, an assortment of Specialized bike snaps.

Their inability to spell clearly hasn’t hampered their bike-building prowess. In fact, quite the contrary – this lot have been at the cutting edge of bicycle manufacturing for almost five decades, making everything from ultra-light carbon fibre bullet-bikes to game-changing mountain bikes. And thanks in part to their particularly irreverent approach to marketing, their gear has been enjoyed by cyclists from every pedal stroke of life, not just the usual lyrca-clad slicksters (including yours truly).

Without further preamble, here’s some cool bikes…


Oh, and if you’re reading Specialized, don’t be shy about slinging me some cash for the promo. Ta.