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Burt Reynolds died last night at the age of 82.

More than just an actor, Burt was a one-man embodiment of a long lost era of CB radio jargon, orangutan chauffeurs, ill-fated canoe trips, elaborate car chases, swamp-based boat leaps, illicit moonshine, helicopter stunts, friendly elephants, stressed out sheriffs, bootleg beer, airborne Pontiacs, bar fights, Stetson hats and big moustaches.

Here’s a few old film posters mostly from the 70s. Have a quick scroll through these, fetch yourself a Coors and dust off that old Smokey and the Bandit VHS.

Rest in peace Burt.





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The people say...

  • Cupid Stunt

    Burt should of got an Oscar for delivarance,proper Hollywood star god bless

  • Si

    Looks like some dapper Wallabees in Sharkys Machine

  • Neil

    Hooper was so good, I remember watching it at the Davenport with my dad and we satyed in to watch it again it was that good. RIP B x

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