Oi Polloi

The Salford Sioux

Published: Mon May 04 2020


Some of you may remember we made a shoe with the good folks at Reebok last year. Glenn Kitson directed Rugstore Cowboys, our film to showcase the Oi Polloi Reebok and Shaun Ryder kindly lent us his voice for the film. As part of the recording session with Shaun we had tonnes of extra stuff left over and this is how The Salford Sioux came to be. We asked Glenn to tell us a bit more.

The Oi Polloi lads and myself sat with Shaun in a conference room at Worsley Golf Club where I believe he conducts his interviews nowadays (he told us he'd done something for CNN a few days before there). Shaun is a proper story teller and stayed with us for ages after the VO record talking about everything, we just left the tape running and eventually he started to tell tales of Manchester and Salford and it went from there.

I wanted some animation on my reel and knew I was sat on this voice transcript with Shaun, so I contacted him and asked If I could stitch some of the stories together to make a wee film and he said yes. So then I started researching animation and talking to different illustrators and animators, after a couple of false starts I settled on working with Will Murphy who was really into the project.

I had wanted to start with Shaun from the late 80s and then work through the eras to the present day, early 90s, Black Grape, Happy Mondays reunion stuff, right up to his I'm a Celebrity era but it just wasn't possible for the time and the budget. Will proper got it though and went above and beyond the call of duty (and budget) to help me out.

There's lots of references in there, I believe they are called 'Easter eggs'? Factory Records stuff, Mondays stuff, Manchester stuff and also a massive nod to Central Station Design who were a massive influence on my taste growing up.

Everyone sat at home — they should watch this. It's a great potted history of Salford (and Manchester). Yeah, it may be embellished a little but as Tony Wilson once said, "if it's between the truth and the myth...."