Oi Polloi

The Oi Polloi Aran Jumper Mk.II

Published: Thu Nov 18 2021

About a year ago, we bravely ventured into hitherto unknown waters and had a bash at making our own jumpers. The jumpers in question were Aran jumpers, and without trying to toot our own horn too veraciously, we were very pleased with the results… so we’ve done ‘em again.

This isn’t just a rehash however – countless hours have been spent in the Oi Polloi laboratory, fussing over every minute detail. We’ll humbly say the finished product is one of the most resplendent slabs of wearable wool we’ve ever come across.

Here’s what noted jumper enthusiast and OP boss hog Steve Sanderson had to say about the whole affair…

Last year was the first time we’d ever done knitwear. The idea was that we wanted to improve the shape and the block of the usually quite unruly Aran Jumper, to modernise it. So I guess, this time around, we wanted to improve the shape and block of our own version? We didn’t want to reproduce what we did last year, we want to try and make it better each time. I think we’ve nailed it, fit-wise.”

We’ve introduced more stripes to keep that sportswear vibe, but throwing in more earthy hues, colours inspired by nature and that, as well as a nep with the flecks and stuff, the super classic colourway for an Aran sweater.”
“Like I said before, this is about modernising the old-world charm of the Aran sweater, to create the kind of jumper that can be worn with sportswear, jogging bottoms, climbing pants, whatever floats your boat.”

Big thanks to Richard at www.rmc-classics.co.uk for lending us that dashing motor. Give him a follow at: