Oi Polloi

The new adidas Spezial stuff

Published: Fri Jul 16 2021

Trefoil obsessives will already know this, but for the three-stripe-fanatics in the audience who don’t own a calendar, Spezial season is well and truly upon us.

On the clobber front there’s forward-thinking smocks that remind us of Japanese ultilitarian-wear (despite being named after a civil parish in Yorkshire), old-world hiking jackets, and seriously-swish, Spezial-stamped sweatsuits.

And on the footwear side of things, there’s the Malmo Net (which takes its inspiration from a ultra-rare 1976 model), the Blackburn Ewood, a low-profile terrace trab that proudly sports the Lancashire colours and the Burnden, a tennis-scented number bang-on for Riviera sojourns.

All of it should have you howling at your screen like Tex Avery Wolf.

They’re available to buy on Thursday the 22nd of July at 00:01 (AKA one minute-past midnight on Wednesday), so to tide you over, here’s some snaps of it all in action.


Mark you calendars gentlemen - Thursday the 22nd of July at 00:01.