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Anyone who’s lurked on our site a bit will probably have heard of The Manchester Modernist Society. This lot do all manner of good stuff around the theme of Modernist design, including printing a mighty fine magazine that we’re proud to stock (and occasionally writing articles for us).

Now in its tenth year, the Modernist Society, are opening up their own event space/shop/head-quarters just a mere stone’s throw from our Manchester nerve-centre (providing you can throw a stone approximately 480 metres).

Located next door to vintage jacket treasure-trove Bionic Seven, this will be a place for them to host exhibitions, show films, sell their wares and generally expound the virtues of decent design (at a time when we most certainly need it).

To help raise the funds to get this place off the ground, they’ve launched one of those Crowdfunder things. Click here to find out more and to help with this most worthy cause…

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