Oi Polloi

The Mephisto Oi Polloi Rainbow Part Deux

Published: Tue Mar 08 2022

The Mephisto Rainbow is one of the quintessential Oi Polloi products, so when the opportunity arose to do a sequel to our first collaboration, we snatched the offer like a starving Victorian guttersnipe would a bowl of gruel.

So here you go… the Mephisto Oi Polloi Rainbow Part Deux.

This time around, we’ve opted for some sumptuous, shaggy suede, dressed in Uncle Nige’s favourite shade of green. If reading that meagre sentence alone has set your heart bumping to 120bpm, just wait until you see the photos…


You'll (theoretically) be able to slip your feet into these at 10:00am on Friday the 11th of March.