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Seeing as winter has well and truly arrived, we thought it was the perfect time to gather together some serious winter wares and whack them all together in one potent visual-soup. Plenty of big jackets here. Click the photos to see the clothes involved.


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    “What’s the weather like mam”?
    “2 degrees and 3 feet of snow, better wrap
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    “I will man, got my new down parka on”
    “Make sure and wear some boots for the slush”
    “Don’t worry mam, I’ve got my pink converse on”
    " better wear your baby blue ones son, the snows 2ft deep"
    “Baby blue converse in the snow ? Don’t be daft mam- I’ll wear the ecru ones instead- they’re limited edition replicas from the 1960’s mam, I’ll be well dry”
    “That’s my boy – clever he is "

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