Oi Polloi

The Berghaus Pole 87 Jacket

Published: Fri Oct 16 2020

Big news for people who remember the 80s and/or enjoy staying warm – Berghaus is finally reintroducing the hallowed Pole Jacket in it’s original colourway into the clobber-sphere, brought back at Uncle Nigel’s insistence.

This colourway is super limited and only available in a minute handful of shops, so dilly-dallying isn’t advised.

Speaking of Nigel, here’s some words of wisdom from the clobber clairvoyant himself:

“I remember around the late 70s there was a thing for ski coats, and by the early 80s people went mad for ski, mountaineering… ski was was first, which led onto mountaineering, and the Berghaus Pole Jacket still even now rings true as one of the best ones of its type. It’s one of those jackets that sort-of became popular at the same time either sides of the Atlantic – guys in New York were wearing these kinds of coats with Superstars and tracksuits, kids in Stockport and whatnot were wearing these with drainpipe cords and adidas Wimbledons… they became very iconic very quickly.

“The logo in that position on the pocket, the shape of the collar, the way the hood covered your face… all those features sort-of bled into Stone Island, Henri Lloyd and all the rest, making the Berghaus Pole a precursor to the classic terrace jacket design in a way.

These Oi Polloi-flavoured Mephistos aren’t bad either, are they? More info on these in a bit.

“This one is amazing because it’s an original colourway. Berghaus hadn’t been producing the OG colourway, but the colour is so iconic, like a khaki green of a Mod’s parka. People love those classic colours, whether they’re 18 or they’re 80. Berghaus weren’t originally going to produced the Pole Jacket in this colourway, but I twisted their arms and they’ve fortunately brought it back. It’s probably the most important ski jacket/bubble coat of the late 70s, early 80s. Berghaus have called this the Pole 87 Jacket, but it was definitely knocking about in ’80”


The Berghaus Pole 87 Jacket will be available from 00:01 (BST) Saturday 24th October.