Oi Polloi

The Berghaus Ice Cap 78 Jacket

Published: Fri Oct 08 2021

Oi Polloi boss hog Nigel has once again employed his potent powers of persuasion (and a fair bit of arm-twisting) to resurrect another Berghaus classic in all its shiny glory.

So without further ado, we’re pleased to present the Ice Cap 78 Jacket, a worldwide exclusive to yours truly. Yep, there’s nowhere else on this big blue sphere where you can get a hold of these dope doozies.

According to Uncle Nige’s wistful recollections, the blue version was one of the most popular OG colours, coveted by both ravers and hard-as-nails outdoorsmen alike, and the green iteration was one of the rarest colours about, near-impossible to get your hands on when it debuted and rarely spotted in the wild since.

Both are very, very good.

“When will I be able to buy one of these?” you may be yelling at your computer/laptop/phone/PS2 screen. Good question – these will be available to buy at 10:00am on Thursday the 14th of October.

10:00am on Thursdays the 14th of October - save the date gentlemen.