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Autumn is probably the last thing anyone is thinking about at the moment, but it’s important to remember that this bizarre stretch of dry weather will end at some point, and it won’t be long until we’re back to scurrying around under dark skies like characters in a Lowry painting.

It’s not all bad though, miserable weather means big jackets, and we’ve got a lot of good stuff on the way to make the cold and the rain a bit more bearable.

Here’s a little taster…

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The people say...

  • Andy Sims

    What brand are the jumpers? are they mohair? & when will they be in stock?

  • aNDU sIMS

    Hello, what brand are the jumpers? are they mohair? & when will they be in stock?

  • Nick

    Orange down jacket looks mint, don’t know what Andrew is on about it’s clothes at the end of the day. All down to personal taste and looks good from where I am👍

  • Cathy Carter Smith

    Who’s that yellow jacket from? And will it be 12 months, or more, behind the times by the time it’s out for sale.

  • Grwgory

    By eck, those down jackets are a bit tasty. They have the early 80’s style press stud fastening that hangs down when undone. Quality. Is there any chance of finding out the brand? I’d better start saving up.

  • Grwgory

    By eck, those down jackets are a bit tasty. They have the early hood fastening as well that comes across your mouth, it hangs down when done up. Quality. Is there any chance of finding ding out who they are by? I’ll start saving up now.

  • Neil

    That’s one of the best collections of clothing I’ve ever seen.

  • Andrew

    Fair enough, Sam. Respectfully, may I suggest your answer is ‘corvus oculum corvi non eruit’ or even a logical fallacy based upon ‘whataboutery’.

  • Sam - OP

    Persian Sunset – think they’re Battenwear.
    Neil – that’s an Albam smock. Think it should be online very soon actually.
    Andrew – obviously everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. Not sure if I’d class things like Mephisto boots and Shetland knits as the most obvious commercially led decisions though. This is just a small taster of stuff – we’ve got a lot of interesting bits on the way.

  • Andrew

    Not to criticise, but honestly. Others may argue your forthcoming season, is 12 months behind. I genuinely believe that – its a little middle aged and desperate to be ‘cool’ (whatever the fuck, cool means). I also think the forthcoming season, has been bought for commercial reasons and not because you believe in it. Which was the appeal of oi polloi in the first place.

    Maybe, I am wrong. But it is just an opinion, from someone who purchased regularly from you – now is losing more and more interest as each season passes.

  • Sean Griffiths

    That Armor Lux striped rugby top!

  • Mustard Mash

    Brands come and go ..like a real flash in the pan …But in my humble opinion ..Ralph Lauren will always be King Pin..That Ivy League look is timeless..everyone should have a little bit of Ralph’s gear in the wardrobe..!

  • Hk

    That Polo stuff is pure ‘95 .
    If you were there you’d know .

  • Ted Freens

    Seriously, that Polo garb…what’s that all about?

  • Freddiemeister

    Knitwear rail🤤🤤

  • Neil Morgan

    What’s the purple cagoule? ? Many thanks

  • The Persian Sunset

    What brand are the down jackets please?

  • Bruno Conte

    Danners cost nothing

  • Acks

    oooh that stripey Adsum

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