Oi Polloi

Staff Sale Selections

Published: Fri Jun 30 2017

Seeing as we’re slap bang in the middle of ‘sale season’, we thought we’d mither a few of our humble droogs to see what they’ve got their eye on... 

Tom from the stockroom chose the towel-based splendour of this Howlin’ t-shirt. Not only are these dead comfy, but they make a very effective dog’s blanket. A wondrous choice. 

Meanwhile, Sam opted for these super-sophisticated slabs of suede from Zespa.

Sam spends a large portion of his summer driving his vintage Alfa Romeo around the deck of his humble superyacht, so these should come in mighty handy. 

Lucy went for a National Athletic Goods sweatshirt. Although Oi Polloi is a men’s clothes shop, that doesn’t mean girls can’t wear this stuff.

If any women are reading this… stop nicking your boyfriend, husband or life-partner’s fancy sweatshirt and get your own.   

After an arduous battle which lasted most of the afternoon, Salford slugger Liam managed to grapple these adidas EQT trainers into submission via figure-four leg-lock.

Wrestling fans will be interested to hear that Liam once met William Regal at a car boot sale in Poulton-Le-Fylde. William refused to give an autograph, but he did knock eleven pence off a slightly scratched copy of Gran Turismo 2.

Grant’s un-painted arm picked out this pretty smart looking Arpenteur jacket.

Grant recently graduated from university and intends to spend the rest of his summer pretending he can speak French and driving on the wrong side of the road. 

Ebo currently holds the world record for ‘longest amount of time spent with your right hand in your pocket’, but that doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate a good shirt when he sees one.

This Adsum shirt is indeed a good shirt. 

Gadget boy Alex went for the high-octane fun of this orSlow fidget spinner. Made in Japan using deadstock plastic sourced from… oh… wait a minute… HE PICKED AN A KIND OF GUISE JACKET.

Oi Polloi does NOT sell fidget spinners. Or at least not yet.

Beth was once refused entry to Stockport Hat Museum due to the fact that she was NOT wearing a hat.

Determined not to make the same mistake twice, and now refuses to go anywhere without one of these Norse Projects five-panel caps

And finally, our hard-working photographer Adam managed to snap this inspirational self-portrait with a pair of minty fresh Levi’s jeans.

Not quite sure why he’s wearing Robocop's cycling shoes here, but sometimes some things are best left unknown.

For more exciting items, head over to our sale right now.