Oi Polloi

Staff Sale Picks

Published: Fri Jan 06 2017

We’re currently slap bang in the middle of a bonafide sale frenzy. We’ve slashed more prices than a discount sofa shop, but rather than churn out tedious adverts on prime-time television, we thought we’d reach out to the people and see what they’re into.

So without further chatter, here what the goons at our Manchester headquarters have their eyes on…

First up, long-haired lurker from Liverpool Chad opted for an Engineered Garments overshirt type arrangement. Here’s what he had to say on the matter...

“It’s got lots of pockets, great for your dice and spark plugs.”

He’s not wrong. Nice dice too.

Proud father figure Sharif went for a sensible option of an A.P.C. wallet. Here’s why...

“A wise guy don’t carry his money in a wallet, but if they did, they’d probably carry it in this one.”

Next, we've got Alex AKA The Guvnor and a woollen YMC jacket. “It makes me feel like Churchill.” Fair enough.

With a surname like Hunter, it’s no surprise that James can scout out a solid sale steal. His choice? These brown suede Desert Boots.

“Just the sort of thing that looks good with classy attire.” CORRECT.

Bargain hunter extraordinaire Sam spent his boxing day fighting crowds in DFS for a charming red leather chaise longue, so he's no stranger to finding a sale gem. His pick? This delectable A Kind of Guise number.

When pressed for a comment, he mustered, “Maybe say something about the lining?”

More effort needed.

Muscle man Mr Moores took time out from stretches and power squats to lift this yellow jacket from Norse Projects. “It’s dead bright innit?” 

New girl Beth picked out this Jamiesons jumper. Her reasoning? “It’s my favourite colour.” Can’t argue with that.


Full time male model and professional strider Stuart effortlessly slipped into this Baracuta jacket. “When you live a life like I do, only the best will do… that’s why I wouldn’t settle for anything less than this blue jacket with fancy pockets and stuff.”

And to round it all off, we’ve got big lad himself Liam and some progressive Nike trainers. “I bought these full price, I’m gutted.”

Don’t let this happen to you… click here to get yourself a sale bargain.