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The Blog from Oi Polloi presents:

With 2016 finally out the way, now seems like a good time to gaze into the not-so-distant future and see what’s going to be turning up in the next few months. Reach for your telescope and look into the unknown...

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The people say...

  • Conboop

    Any id for the tee in the third to last picture?

  • Michael Ralph

    Fjall selection looks ace & that Norse Projects boss & all.

  • Bollockscrap

    Can you get hold of a bag of white dog poo for me… so 1991

  • Damo

    Beige bomber with a striped t shirt and them Reebok’s well cool

  • ARty FUfkin

    Stone Island jacket looks imense. No holiday again this year!

  • Simo Leeds

    Big YES to the S.I. & Patagonia jackets

  • Tommy Robinson

    Those ReebokS would look well smart with a Weekend Offender t-shirt, some nice Armani jeans and a Pretty Green parka.


    Hello summer my old friend

  • Paul Broughton

    Pastel weavers?

  • Henry Krinkle

    looks like 91 all over again X

  • DAvey hAirbrush

    Looks like those arctic foxes could do with a iron

  • Dan Waring

    looks like it’s going to be a vintage year!

  • Parmy

    Looks like it’s butlins again…..

  • Tom PLant

    Looks like a f’ing load of good stuff!!??

  • Henreeeee

    Those champion colours look very Opal Fruity.

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