Oi Polloi

SO~OP: The Sebago x Oi Polloi Askook

Published: Tue Sep 07 2021

Outdoor-inflected moccasins aren’t something you see everyday, so when Sebago came a’knocking to see if we wanted to make another shoe with them, we knew exactly what we wanted to do.

So behold… the Sebago Oi Polloi Askook in both its leathery and suedey glory.

The inspiration for these came from OP main-man Steve’s burning desire to do for camp mocs what the Paraboot Michael did for brown shoes – take a laid-back design and beef it up until its hard-wearing credentials are unquestionable. The upper oozes old-world, laid-back Americana flavour, but with the added benefit of a chunky, hard-wearing sole. In other words, they’re dope enough for Mojave desert drum circle pow-wows, but stout enough for Manchester moseying.

Oh, and those webbing laces? The idea for those was pinched from an old pair of Rockport boots. The more you know.

Anyway, you can get your grubby mitts on these at 10:00am on Thursday the 9th of September. Until then, have a look at this particularly classy photo shoot we’ve done. No prizes for guessing who we hoiked the idea for this one from…