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Sale Selections

Published: Fri Jun 24 2022

Click onto our sale page and you’re going to see good stuff, but you’re going to see a lot of it. Rifling through all that treasure might seem like a daunting prospect, especially if you’re pressed for time or of an easily-overwhelmed disposition, so to make proceedings a little more digestible, we’ve hand-plucked some bits that deserve a bit of noise.

Without further ado…

The Timberland 3 Eye Lug

These things are the dog’s what-have-yous. Adored from Milan to Manhattan for the better part of 40 years, the Timberland 3 Eye is one of those mythical beasts that looks good with just about everything – from old-world rambling attire to mum-friendly chinos and button downs.

If we’re being honest, you should really own a pair of these already, but if you don’t, now’s a good a time as any to cough up a bit of that hard-earned.

These Y.M.C. Sugden rugby shirt things

We’d normally say the humble rugby shirt is a design that can’t be improved upon… but these Sugden sweat/shirts from Y.M.C. are certainly a compelling case to the contrary.

The sleek zip in lieu of the usual buttons adds a pinch of opulence to proceedings, while that slack (but by no means baggy) fit is almost too dope for words.

Doesn’t hurt that there’s loads of hues to choose from too.

The s.k. manor hill Sage Shirt

We’ve not stocked s.k. manor hill for that long, but these young pups have a real knack for turning heads. With stuff like this Sage Shirt in their arsenal, it ain’t hard to see why.

Every detail on this is in service to maximum luxury and interestingly, the fabric has been dyed with the exact same brand of raspberry sauce all worthwhile ice cream vans carry. Very tasty… if not a bit sticky.

These Snow Peak utility suits

These Snow Peak utility suit things are really something. Not only would these see you right on a Scafell Pike ramble, you could probably get away wearing one of these to your partner’s mate’s wedding or something.

You might be inclined to run a bold sartorial decision like this by the bride/groom first, but trust us, considering how good-looking these are, no one should have an issue. Don’t hold us to that though.

This Engineered Garments Fishing Overshirt

It’s fair to say the majestic pastime of fishing is one of life’s true wonders – spending hours on end gawking at breath-taking bodies of water… the thrill of the chase… japes with your best buds… ‘accidentally’ getting plastered when hour five rolls around and you still haven’t caught anything… going home hungry…

It’s also inspired some truly mind-altering garb too, like this aptly-titled Fishing Overshirt from Engineered Garments.

Alright, we know exactly 0% of you will actually wear this while fishing, but the dizzyingly-high pocket count and that swishy fabric simply cannot be scoffed at.

These FrizmWORKS Linen Denim Trucker Half Shirts

Rounding things off we’ve got this Eddie Stobart-approved slab of shirting from FrizmWORKS.

It’s a minimally-designed, big ‘n’ boxy shirt made from a wondrous blend of cotton and linen, ideal for driving across the blacktops of some mythical American south with only a CB radio and service station meal-deals (do they have service stations in America? Answers to the usual place) to keep you company.