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The rugby shirt is a bit of an unsung gem of the sportswear world. With those crisp collars, they’re a bit smarter than a sweatshirt, and thanks to that thick jersey cotton, they’re more than capable of putting up with a fair bit of scrummage.

They’re not just for eggchasers either, and have been popular with rock climbers, painters and film directors for years now.

Here’s a few examples of them in action.  

After a rugby shirt yourself? Ralph Lauren and Armor-Lux know the score. 

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The people say...

  • Mr Twatty Hilton

    Sam, you’ll find the image in “what fresh lunacy is this” by Robert Sellars a biography of Ollie Reed , it’s a stormer of a book

  • Sam - Oi Polloi

    Mr Hilton that does indeed sound like a cracking image – had a thorough search and can’t find it though… got a link?

  • Mr Twatty Hilton

    A worthy add to this collection of images would be Oliver Reed sat on the Deck of his Chinese junk the Ding Hao sporting a fine example .

  • Deano

    tim nice but dim clobber. Posh boy eton trifle nonsense. sack it off. An mc tunes revival. NOW!

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