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The Blog from Oi Polloi presents:

The nights are drawing in, conkers have been sighted on pavements, and someone, somewhere is about to stand in dog muck hidden under fallen leaves.

Yep, corduroy season is upon us.  

To get in the mood, here are some pictures of people wearing the stuff…

Check our cord selection here.

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The people say...

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  • Bob

    Thanks for the info.

  • mikesa00

    It’s Donald Sutherland in Animal House

  • Bob

    I´d like to know the title of the film to which belongs the picture of the professor with the blackboard behind him.

  • Henry Krinkle

    @Andrew arguing with a German about his own language… idiot.

    Cord originated in Manchester and as a result it’s also known as Manchester cloth in a lot of continental European countries.


  • Clem Fandango



  • Karl Kühne

    @Andrew – Of course you’re right that the translation of cord is Kabel…still, cord-fabric in German is called Manchester.

  • Andrew

    The formal German translation of cord is Kabel (may-be in la-la land that has corbyn as el president it is Manchester. But like everything else in delusional labour – make it up as you go

  • Karl Kühne

    Nice ! Btw, in German cord is called “Manchester” …just saying.

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