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Considering that adidas is one of the biggest sportswear companies in the solar system, it's probably not that much of a surprise to see that quite a few people have worn their trainers over the years. 

Having said that, looking at old photos of slick characters looking slick is always a good way to kill a few minutes — so here you go, some photos of people wearing trainers with stripes on them. 

Get yourself a pair here. Please be aware that buying some adidas trainers probably won't make you a better rapper/film director/footballer/actor/tennis player/anything else, but at least they'll look pretty good. 

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The people say...

  • Dave

    Check out the ‘one & only’, Stu Allen on Greg Wilson’s superb web site, electrofunkroots.co.uk.
    Pic is on the ’Don’t touch that dial’ article. Top Dj, Top tracky! Food for thought4Mr Aspden (pass on please Nigel) an ‘Allen’ inspired Gazelle? Stu deserves it!

  • Derek

    Sorry George , Sir Brian pips you ..#cool

  • Paul Conlan

    What a picture of Der Kaiser, a BMW 635i, tracky bottoms and a round neck fair isle tanktop. No doubt he’s wearing his World Cup winners medal under that floral shirt.

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