Oi Polloi

Pica~Sounds with Maurice Alexander

Published: Fri Aug 12 2016

Hot on the heels of last month’s Burgundy Blood-bath, our next Pica~Sounds evening soiree type affair is just around the corner.

This month we’re joined by a chap named Maurice Alexander (or Al Morris, as he’s known in the phone book).

Hailing from sunny Bolton, Maurice made his name in the dingy catacombs of Manchester’s Roadhouse as part of the illustrious and magnanimous Hoya Hoya contingent.

He now lives in London on a strict diet of jellied eels and pea soup, but on Thursday the 25th of August, for one night only, he’ll be doing a ‘reverse Dick Whittington’ and leaving the gold paved streets to join us for a night of music and merriment.

We’ll be at Common (just around the corner from our Manchester shop) from 6pm. Come for the reasonably priced cuisine, stay for the smooth and sultry sounds. 

Al also did a mix for us, give it a listen here…