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The Blog from Oi Polloi presents:

For September's Pica~Sounds, we’re in the fine company of a man so notorious he only needs one letter for a surname — Jon K.

This Leicester-to-Manchester transplant is one of those people that music websites like to call, “Your favourite DJ’s favourite DJ.”

We’re not too sure what this means, but we reckon he’ll play some decent stuff.

The info is on the flyer, but for those too lazy to scroll back up, we'll be there from 6pm on Thursday the 29th of September. See you there.  


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The people say...

  • Sam - OP

    You can’t get cheaper than free… come on down, he might even play requests.

  • Mr B Jobs

    He only plays records that nobody likes and charges a fortune for it and no fucker knows who he is. Up the Middle Class Cliques – Wankerz!

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