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The 13th issue of our long-running Pica~Post fanzine has landed. This one has a definite sporting slant, and features…

  • OP main-man Nigel’s run-down of classic sports shops
  • A look at cinematic tracksuits courtesy of resident film-obsessive Harry Longstaff
  • A chat with A Kind of Guise top dog Yasar Ceviker
  • Some classy photos of people playing darts and pool courtesy of Adam Hindmarch
  • A headfirst swan-dive into the Stockport wrestling scene by Sam Waller
  • A comic from David Bailey (who also did that wondrous front cover)
  • And a few other bits

And or those who prefer pixels to paper, here's the online version... 


We've also done some tees to go with it which came out rather nicely. Take a look here.

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