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The Blog from Oi Polloi presents:
Here it is… the 14th issue of our Pica~Post fanzine. This one is ‘The World Wide’ issue, and features words, photos and garments from around the globe. In no particular order, you’ve got...
  • An interview with Lo-Life founder and all-out Polo aficionado Rack Lo.
  • An look at some Italian films that are worth watching.
  • A chat with Y.M.C. co-founder Fraser Moss.
  • A studious gaze at the architecture of acid house courtesy of Modernist man Eddy Rhead.
  • Loads of photos of clothes and trainers and stuff.

We're sending these out in orders until they run out, or you can buy one for the bargain price of two pence here.

Or you can see the digital version here.

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