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Pica~Picks: Useful Jackets

Published: Fri Mar 15 2019

Seeing as we’re fully in the midst of rainy season, here’s a few jackets that might come in handy.

They’re not necessarily all ‘waterproof’ — as that’s some sort of sacred, protected term that can only be used in very stringent conditions — but they should all do a decent job of keeping you dry when the heavens open.

Here you go…

The Nike ACG Gore-Tex Jacket

Up top we’ve got this prime cut courtesy of Nike’s rekindled outdoor range, ACG (or All Conditions Gear, if you like showing off). Whilst a lot of people remember the original ACG stuff for the off-road trainer/boot hybrid creations, there was also a lot of serious jackets in the mix.

This beauty continues that tradition. It’s got that Gore-Tex seal of approval, those angled-pockets are particularly handy, and perhaps most importantly, it comes in the classic black and yellow combo made famous by wasps and bees.

The Adsum Hardshell Jacket

Here’s one for the yacht owners out there. Inspired by technical sailing garb, the Adsum Hardshell Jacket is a real crisp jacket made from waterproof nylon, and is just the thing for anyone who enjoys being stuck up a mast trying to tie knots whilst being battered around by gale-force winds and a gaggle of aggressive sea-gulls.

Taped seams… big hood… regal white and green livery… this is real outerwear Shangri-La - just be careful with the ketchup around this one.


The Rains Jacket

Considering their name, it’s not much of a surprise that Denmark’s Rains make some very useful raincoats. This one here is their archetype, bread-and-butter jacket – perfect for throwing on when it’s raining cats, dogs and various other large mammals out there.

It’s an updated version of the good ol’ rubber fishing jacket, made from a more lightweight, civilian friendly fabric. It’s still fully waterproof — it’s just a bit more suitable for land-lubbers (and those who don’t work for John West).

The North Face 1990 Mountain Q Jacket

Cast your mind all the way back to 1990. Whilst Kevin Costner was dancing with wolves and Rocky Balboa was duking it out with Tommy Gunn, the good folks at The North Face were decking out hikers in the majestic Mountain Q Jacket.

Nice and lightweight fabric… stripped-back, no-nonsense design… a very handy piece of kit.

The Fjällräven Greenland Jacket

And finally, what list of useful jackets would be complete without the tried and tested Fjällräven Greenland Jacket?

These things came about in 1968 when Fjäll founder Åke Nordin had the ingenious brain-wave of combining tough tent-canvas with a tasty blend of paraffin and beeswax for added water resistance.

Exactly 51 years later, they’re still a wondrous way to stay dry – and whilst they’re not crammed with modern day technical jiggery-pokery, they’ve got a much more appealing acoustic flavour.

And let it be known that not all Greenland Jackets are green — this one is yellow (as you can see).