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Pica~Picks: Trainers

Published: Fri Jul 12 2019

By now, trying to write anything that hasn’t been said before about trainers is pretty difficult. Designed with sports in mind, re-appropriated well-beyond their original purpose, coveted to occasionally dangerous levels, they’ve far outgrown the shackles of mere functional objects to become a true cultural obsession.

Anyway, before we go too far down the rabbit hole and start sounding like someone’s university dissertation, here’s a selection of some trainers we sell, along with a bit of spiel about why we like them…

The adidas Galaxy

From the Stan Smith to the Spring Court, the dignified sport of tennis has given us a fair few gems over the years. These Galaxys from adidas are a fairly rare beast as far as classic court trainers are concerned, but they still tick all the necessary tennis boxes.

Crisp… clean… comfortable… they’ve even got some little coloured pegs in the sole that back in the middle 80s were seen as the peak of technological wizardry. Different times.

The Nike Zoom Pegasus

Up next we’ve got these slick cucumbers from Nike. The Pegasus was originally launched way back in 1983 – and whilst they’ve morphed a fair bit since then, they’ve always been an up-to-date running shoe that still looks good off the track.

We should probably mention that these have big rainbows down the front and a slight pearlescent shimmer to them that looks a bit like a fly’s eye.

The adidas ZX Torsion

And for those who want even more multi-coloured madness… there’s these. Loosely based on the old Torsion range from the 80s, the adidas ZX Torsion is what Hollywood would probably call ‘a 21st century re-imagining of a classic’ or something. Sort of like when they remade Total Recall with that Irish guy. But not rubbish.

The Nike Air Max 270 React

After a while some of this trainer stuff gets a bit confusing doesn’t it? Some are direct remakes of old favourites, some are modern reinterpretations and some, like these things here, are hybrid creations invented by fusing two separate beasts together.  

From what we can gather, the Nike Air Max 270 Reacts combines the bouncy soles of the 270 with the bar-tack detail from the React Element 87.

Bored? Yeah, us too. Ignore the nerdy details and look at that masterful fusion of colour.

The Reebok Pleasures Club C

And finally we’ve got these Reebok Club C things made in cahoots with some brand called Pleasures. Tennis shoes are usually white but the eagle-eyed readers might have noticed that these ones here are blue and green.

In fact, they’re the exact same blue and green as the 1994 Benetton Formula 1 car driven by Michael Schumacher and his team-mate Jos Verstappen. Coincidence? Most definitely.

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