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Pica~Picks: Trainers

Published: Fri Feb 14 2020

We know your recycling bins are only just recovering from Storm Ciara’s recent battering, but trust us when we say it’ll soon be time for you to stow away those rugged winter stompers and slip back into a pair of trainers.
Speaking of trainers, here’s a couple we think are decent…

While not a whole lot of fun, the hallowed sport of running has birthed some really stellar trainers.
Just take these SL80 trabs from adidas for example. Based on an unreleased women’s version of the hallowed Super Light Runner (which have been locked away in the adidas archive since their release in 1980), these are all the things a humanoid could ever want from a running shoe.
And the best part is, they’re just as good for walking as they are for running. Phew.

Next up we’ve got these proper bonkers React Visons from uncle Nike.
Apparently inspired by both “Alebrijes – mythical creatures from the fever dreams of Mexican folk artists” and poison dart frogs, these are the kind-of trainers bang-on for the forward-thinking man on the move who also likes to participate in peyote-soaked drum circles from time to time.
A real individual option.

The Reebok Workout needs no introduction. Beloved by pretty much anyone with feet, the Workout is one of the few trainers that deserves classic status in the Trainer Hall of Fame... you know, if the Trainer Hall of Fame existed. Not bad for a bit of leather and rubber.

These G80s from Lacsote a bit of a long lost courtside classic.
First released in, you guessed it, the 80s, the G80 is a prime slice of the slightly-techy tennis shoe vibe that dominated the era. And, unlike most, they’ve aged remarkably well.
Anyway, these tick all the imaginary boxes when it comes to tennis shoes – they’re white (well, ecru if you’re being fancy), they’re mighty comfortable and they’ll look good with just about everything.

And finally, we’ve got the hallowed New Balance M1500.
There’s not much that really needs to be said about these. Chunky enough to to put up with stick ‘till you’re old and grey, sleek enough to be worn out to fancy eateries and stuff, it’s easy to see why we’ve been sweet on the ol’ 1500 for so long.