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Pica~Picks: T-Shirts

Published: Fri Jul 20 2018

The crew neck t-shirt is one of life’s great wonders, but due to the fact they’re pretty simple – they’re often taken for granted.

They might be fairly straightforward as far as design is concerned, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a bit of chat every now and again.

To redress the balance slightly, here’s some of our favourites.

The A.P.C. T-Shirt Yukata

At the top we’ve got this striking slice of cotton from A.P.C. It’s a navy t-shirt, with a big white stripe woven across it that makes it look a bit like a stealthy cotton race car. It’s weird how adding a single stripe to something instantly makes something look really fast.

The Our Legacy Long Sleeve Tee

This thing’s pretty classy isn’t it? Not only does it have long sleeves for a bit of added fore-arm protection, but it’s made out of 100% unadulterated velour for that real deal ‘Louis XIV scoffing a Müller Corner on a super-yacht’ flavour.

One word for you… LUXURY.

The Albam Striped T-Shirt

The Striped T-Shirt? Admittedly not the most inventive name from the Albam boys here, but what this thing lacks in the title realm it more than makes up for by actually being a good t-shirt, made from nice and soft cotton, with just the right amount of stripes. A true beaut.

The Armor Lux T-Shirt Callac

T-shirts can’t speak, but if they could, this one would really speak for itself. So yeah, we haven’t got loads to say about it. Just look at the photos and imagine how much this majestic chunk of green cotton would improve your life.

The Wyse Assam Tee

And finally, here’s a t-shirt from the mind of Oi Polloi main-man Steve Sanderson. Garment pundits might have noticed the slightly longer than average sleeves on this thing, making it sit somewhere near baseball tee territory. Not a bad place to sit.

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