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Pica~Picks: Sweatshirts

Published: Fri Aug 04 2017

Sweatshirts don’t really need an introduction do they? Originally designed for athletes… good for summer evenings… look decent with most things… they speak for themselves. That said, there’s quite a few about, and picking one can be a bit of a perilous, cotton-based, minefield.

But don’t fret, we’ve herded a few of our favourites together to help you in your quest. Hopefully this will be of some use. 

At the top… the Champion Reverse Weave sweatshirt. If ever there was such a thing as a classic sweatshirt, this would be it. Champion were some of the first people to make sweatshirts back in the 1930s, and thanks to that combination of quality fabric and a mint logo, their sweats have been worn by everyone from track and field stars to Staten Island hip-hop collectives.  

Also note those panels down the side to combat shrinkage… nobody wants shrinkage.

Up next, the nefarious cousin of the sweatshirt… the hoody. Not content with being the godfathers of the sweatshirt, Champion were also the first brand to make hoodies (according to our hasty internet research, at least).

Not much really needs to be said here… time-honoured Champion quality, with added hood. This Our Legacy number probably deserves a mention too.

Patagonia may be famous for their functional outdoor wares, but their sweats are also worth a look. This one here is definitely on the ‘lightweight’ end of the fabric spectrum, and almost delves into long-sleeved tee territory. This makes it absolutely, undeniably, certifiably ideal for those summer evenings where there’s a slight essence of chill in the air, but it’s not cold enough for a jacket.

And would you look at that logo? We know it’s shallow to obsess over labels and stuff, but look at that thing. 

And now... an A.P.C. sweatshirt. For some reason, the A is upside down on this one. Not really sure why. Maybe it’s some sort of commentary on today’s topsy turvy world? Or maybe it’s just because it looks good? Who knows? Sometimes the best things in life are best left unknown. 

And finally… a ¼ zip sweatshirt from National Athletic. If the hoody is the dodgy cousin of the sweatshirt, than the ¼ zip is the wise older brother who knows how to cook pasta and maybe spent a few years in Paris. It’s what we’d probably call sophisticated sportswear. Real classy.

And if this still hasn't solved your insatiable thirst for sweatshirts... we've got plenty more...