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Pica~Picks: Shorts

Published: Fri Jun 08 2018

The quest for the perfect pair of shorts is fraught with danger. Some shorts are too short, some shorts are too long, and some shorts make you feel like an extra from Benidorm.

To keep you on the right track, we rounded up some of our favourites… 

Stan Ray 370075 80s Painter Shorts


These beauties from the good ol’ boys at Stan Ray have got it all. Thick hickory stripe cotton twill, hardy bar tack stitching in all key zones, plenty of pocket space… there’s even a handy loop for your favourite ball peen hammer.

To be honest, we’re not sure if anyone has ever used one of these hammer loop things for actually transporting tools before, but at least the option is there.


Engineered Garments Fatigue Shorts

Like pies and ITV power-dramas, corduroy is often reserved for the autumn months, but there’s no real reason why this waled wonder fabric can’t be worn in summer too.

These Fatigue Shorts from New York’s Engineered Garments meld high-end needlecord with a classic military shape for a real laid-back, barley water infused, flavour.

If Neil Young wore shorts, he'd probably go for something like these.

Norse Projects Linnaeus Classic Shorts

On the other end of the spectrum, here’s some shorts made out of delectable loopback jersey cotton, courtesy of Norse Projects.

Probably best described as ‘sweat-shorts’, these are just the thing for lazy afternoons lounging in the back yard supping cold European pilsners and getting badly sunburnt.

Patagonia Baggies Lights Shorts

Not sure if there’s such a thing as a classic pair of shorts, but if there was, the Patagonia Baggies would probably deserve the title.

Originally designed back in the 80s as the ultimate do-it-all shorts, they’re lightweight, they look ace, and, as of 2018, they’re made from recycled fabric.

These things are particularly quick to dry too, making them perfect for anyone prone to falling into swimming pools or mountain creeks.

Norse Projects Aros Light Twill Shorts

And for those who are after something a touch smarter, how about these Aros Chino Shorts from Norse Projects?

These have been a firm shop favourite for a few years now, and for good reason. No daft gimmicks, no big logos, just a real sharp, subtle pair of shorts made from hard-wearing cotton twill. Perfect.

And if for some wild reason none of these slay your thirst for shorts, click here to see our full selection