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Pica~Picks: Short-Sleeved Shirts

Published: Fri May 18 2018

Short-sleeved shirts sort of speak for themselves — you don’t need to have a PHD in Advanced Shirtology to know that they’re like normal shirts, but with shorter sleeves. And as you can guess… this makes them good for hot days. Without further patronising explanation, here are some of our favourites…

The Beams Plus Button Oxford Short Sleeve Popover Shirt

This crisp number here is probably the most ‘classic’ of the shirts on this list. Oxford shirts were a favourite with Ivy League types back in the late 50s and early 60s, and thanks to those sharp button-down collars, they work just as well with casual attire as they do with smarter stuff. Highly versatile.

The Engineered Garments Camp Shirt

Up next, something pretty special courtesy of Engineered Garments. With that straight hem and progressive pocket placement, this one probably sits somewhere in the ‘Cuban shirt’ aisle.

Contrary to popular belief, these things aren’t just reserved for cigar-toking dictators, and are real classy summer garment for all. There's a certain Ernest Hemingway Key West flavour to them too, which is never a bad thing.

Universal Works know the score too.

The Patagonia Pataloha Shirt

The first Hawaiian shirts were made out of offcuts of kimono fabric back in the 1920s, and whilst today’s versions are a touch more advanced, but the truth still remains… no shirt packs quite as much exotic flavour.

These Patagonia ones are really nice. Tasty patterns… buttons made out of coconut shells… whimsical tropical labels… if you’re the kind of person who enjoys pineapple on their pizza, then you should appreciate these. 

The A Kind Of Guise Roy Shirt

Here we’ve got a prime example of the occasionally overlooked linen shirt. While cotton shirts are certainly good, there's something about the added extra 'breeziness' a linen shirt brings to the proverbial gladiator pit that instantly conjures nostalgic images of wiseguy cookouts and continental holiday makers. A sure fire summer stunner that should never be scoffed at.

On a similar laid-back tip, we wholeheartedly recommend the Beams Plus Open Collar Shirt.

The Norse Projects Theo Seersucker Shirt

And finally, here’s something a bit different. It’s a check shirt, made using what’s known as seersucker. Originally worn by minted colonial types over in India, this puckered fabric is particularly useful in hot climates as its ‘raised’ nature helps with air circulation.

Usually it comes in that white and blue candy stripe variation worn by people like Atticus Finch and David Byrne, but this checkered version still packs that breezy punch.

And those shirts above are just the tip of the breezy, short-sleeved iceberg. Click that link below to see loads more…